Commissioning Services

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Commissioning is a systematic and organized process that our commissioning team develops based upon established commissioning standards. Our commissioning team reviews the plan with the project team and the contractors and the plan is followed throughout construction and post construction. Throughout the project, our commissioning team implements, observes, documents, and reports all checks, balances, and deficiencies. This ensures a building's MEP systems operate according to code and the clients intended design. Due to the complexity of MEP systems and required codes, commissioning is a highly demanded service that is part of the development and post-construction process of the project. Furthermore, commissioning leads to lower energy demands, reduces contractor "call backs", and prolongs the equipment's life-cycle, saving the client additional costs in the future. 


We're exceptionally experienced in ASHRAE Commissioning and Re-Commissioning for; USGBC LEED, IECC Energy Compliance, IRS Section 179, and Corporate Policy fulfillments. This affiliation greatly benefits the client with the most optimal energy performance and dramatically reduces contractor call backs and owner operational frustration levels both short and long term.