Employee Spotlight:

Hannah Roy

November, 24 2020

Employee Spotlight - Hannah Cover Pic.jp

Just like a utility baseball player, it’s very beneficial to have a member of your team that can perform multiple roles and duties within an organization. Our Marketing Director, Hannah, has served that role for several years now, and she’s been an integral part to the business development aspect of Gatter & Diehl ever since.


“Although I am the Marketing Director, my job doesn’t stop there,” said Hannah. “I keep up with RFP’s, client relationships, overseeing marketing, and taking care of any loose ends in the office such as searching for new hires and office activities. I wear many hats at Gatter & Diehl.”


Hannah’s been the head of marketing for over five years, but she was once a receptionist for Gatter & Diehl back when she was attending college over the summers. After college, she spent her next three years in the healthcare industry, but when an opportunity for the position was open, she didn’t hesitate to take it.


“The opportunity just kind of fell in my lap, and I made the switch,” she explained. “I never knew I would end up in marketing, but I enjoy it very much. I take great pride in gaining all of the responsibilities that comes with the job.”


One of Hannah’s biggest assets that makes her a perfect fit with Gatter & Diehl is her down-to-earth demeaner when it comes to client relations. Her ability to translate how Gatter & Diehl operates to a new or existing client greatly benefits both parties and allows for a smooth transaction in communicating complicated aspects of a project.


Besides for her full-time job with us, Hannah also assists with her family’s antique business on the weekends, but more importantly she has a new 24/7 job of being a mother to a newborn son. Although that might present some challenges to others, she does a fantastic job in balancing her life and always being reliable and professional both inside and outside of the office. We are lucky to have a team member such as Hannah and are extremely pleased with her growth and development in handling all of the responsibilities that are asked of her.