Newport School District

Newport Elementary School


Newport, PA - 105,180 sq. ft. - $11 Million

The Newport Elementary school received a 105,180 sq. ft. renovation with an emphasis to modernize and convert the existing facility into a high-performance school building. The original building was constructed in 1969 with renovations and additions added on 30 years later.


Gatter & Diehl engineered a highly efficient HVAC Geothermal water source heat pump system which included building envelope thermal upgrades. A complete electrical design was implemented which included energy efficient lighting. As a result of the renovations, the school will forgo fuel and oil as an energy source. The elementary school’s water consumption was reduced by 30% by replacing outdated, high-water consumption fixtures with low-flow, water-conserving fixtures.


This was Newport School District’s second LEED Gold certified building with the first one coming from the high school’s renovations in 2006.


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