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As technology has evolved, so have we. Throughout Gatter & Diehl’s history, we’ve successfully transitioned to the latest and most advanced technologies available to optimize the most energy efficient outcome to accommodate the owner’s needs. 


Our team has completed projects utilizing software applications such as Combined Cooling Heating & Power Software for a Micro-Turbine Tri-Generation System, Solar Analysis Software used to develop a 1.2 Megawatt Solar PV Array System, and numerous other operating systems like IGSHPA Geothermal Software, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Total Building Energy Modeling which are applied for our clean energy projects.


We utilize these sophisticated software applications for analyzation, simulation, managing and operating the facility, predicting performance, and cost-estimation. It’s essential for us to learn, train, and keep up-to-date with these software systems to achieve maximum energy performance and yield superior results.

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