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Bedford Announces Design Development Phase to Educational Areas, MEP Systems

November 22, 2019

After receiving an overwhelming enthusiasm within the community to improve the high school and elementary school campuses, Bedford Area School District administrators elected to execute a full range of upgrades and improvements to its academic space and MEP systems. 


Over 315,000 sq. ft. of space will be enhanced between both schools which includes advanced alternative and clean energy solutions to the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Furthermore, the high school will receive an addition that consists of a building entrance and concourse structure with glass walls and doors which will improve traffic flow and decrease congestion throughout the building. A new regulation sized gymnasium will be implemented along with alterations to the football stadium. This large-scale project represents a high-quality educational environment for the student body’s growth and development and provides a multitude of opportunities to establish Bedford as one of the premiere school districts in the state.


Our team is working diligently with the architects at EI Associates to ensure each phase of the project operates smoothly and meets all requirements set by school officials. 

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