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Camp Hill School District

Elementary & District Administrative Office

Camp Hill, PA - 57,000 sq. ft. 

In conjunction with the architects at EI Associates and district administrators, Gatter & Diehl successfully engineered a renovation project at Camp Hill School District’s Hoover Elementary School as well as implementing a district administration office (DAO) addition. This project was in coordination with a district-wide feasibility study conducted by EI Associates to modernize the educational experience for students, faculty, and staff.  

Our objective was to apply numerous state-of-the-art, energy efficient technologies throughout the elementary school and the new DAO building. Superior controllability was key to the project, converting the aging mechanical systems and lighting throughout our scope of work. HVAC modernization and energy efficient LED lighting were critical for both the DAO and the elementary school to ensure comfortability and to optimize the best possible learning experience for the students.   

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