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Camp Hill School District

Middle School & High School

Camp Hill, PA 

Gatter & Diehl’s extensive efforts in association with the architects at EI Associates and district administrators came to fruition with the completion of the Camp Hill Middle/High School renovation project. Since the initial District-Wide Feasibility Study conducted back in 2018, our team worked in conjunction with EI through the development, design, and construction administration phases of the project.


Our goal was to address certain building deficiencies and code compliance issues as well as supporting the modernization of the interior of the school. We designed certain classrooms including the science labs and multimedia center and conditioned the space with highly advanced mechanical technologies such as a variable flow damper system and VAV box revisions. Electrically speaking, we specified new LED lighting, power, and specialty systems  and updated the data cabling in the classrooms while modifying the existing AV systems. All enhancements were in an effort to improve the indoor environment and reorganization of educational spaces to accommodate new layouts for enhanced learning experiences.

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