CCHP - Micro-Turbine Tri-Generation

Phoenix Contact USA Headquarters 

Middletown, PA - 360,000 sq. ft. affected - $3.4 Million


Gatter & Diehl engineered an alternative clean energy solution for Phoenix Contact.


The new one (1) megawatt Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power (CCHP) Plant at Phoenix Contact produces approximately 60% of the power, cooling, and heating needs for Phoenix Contact from a state-of-the-art Capstone micro-turbine system.


The micro-turbines are fueled by natural gas, a Pennsylvania clean energy natural resource. The entire system is automatically controlled via VFD pumps, variable micro-turbine ramping, continuous measurement of heating and cooling BTU demands throughout the facility and power monitoring. The 1 megawatt capacity is always available in case of utility power loss.Protocols were developed whereby the micro-turbine power can be initiated either automatically or manually. This allows Phoenix Contact to maintain vital power to certain manufacturing, production, and distribution processes and avoid otherwise costly downtime.