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Bedford Area School District

Bedford Area HighSchool

Bedford, PA - 177,000 sq. ft. - $

Due to growth within the school district, and the age of the buildings and systems, Bedford Area School District (BASD) elected to execute a full range of renovations, upgrades, and additions to its high school that affected over 177,000 sq. ft. Included are upgrades to the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, renovations to the football field and surrounding athletic facilities, a new 17,500 sq. ft. gymnasium which seats roughly 1,600 people, and additional parking.


Through EI Associates, Gatter & Diehl fulfilled BASD’s vision of a new and modernized campus while staying true to its historic roots. After receiving a high efficiency geothermal system to its middle school several years ago, district administrators followed through with implementing another geothermal system to retain energy efficiency throughout the entire campus. Other enhanced designs include a daylight harvesting system plus an overhaul of the high school’s auditorium lighting, multimedia system, and stadium lighting to the soccer field with the latest and most advanced technology available.

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