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Employee Spotlight:

Dorsey Wertz

March 12, 2020

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When you ask someone about their career, you can get a wide variety of answers.


When we sat down with Dorsey, he stated that he never pictured himself as a mechanical systems designer, rather something a little different.

“I grew up building things, working on cars, and on projects with my dad," Dorsey said. "He fostered in me the enjoyment of problem solving and good work ethics. Knowing my love for this, he encouraged me to look into the engineering field and put me through college to obtain my degree. I owe my passion for engineering to my dad.”

During Dorsey's first year at Gatter & Diehl, he didn't know what to expect. Fresh out of college from Penn State, he quickly established himself as a bright and enthusiastic mechanical systems designer all the while working on attaining his P.E. license. 

In 2016, Dorsey earned his P.E. license and with it an expanded role within the firm. He now manages large-scale projects that come through the Bedford office and maintains client relationships. 

"My responsibilities at Gatter & Diehl have definitely grown since my first year here," noted Dorsey. "I'm more confident and professional in my work, and I'm equipped to manage a more significant project work load."


Some of his favorite projects are the ones that impact his community, like the Bedford Area School District and the Bedford County Humane Society. He adds that he feels personally invested in those projects because he's making a difference in his community.

When Dorsey isn't in the office, you can find him spending time outdoors hunting whatever is in season and working around his property.

Dorsey is a prime example of hard work, determination, and personal and professional growth. We're proud to have a quality individual like Dorsey on our team.

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