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Employee Spotlight:

Seth Crist

April 16, 2020

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Technology is innovative, ever-changing, and inspirational.


Those three aspects are what led our Energy Modeler, Seth, down his career path with us.


“Technology inspired me to get into a field like this,” said Seth. “Just the fact that technology changes so quickly and is improved each and every year is what makes this job so fascinating to me.”


Much like technology, Seth has experienced a lot of changes during his tenure with Gatter & Diehl. From the software he utilizes to the resources that are available to him and everything in between, but one thing has remained the same to him over the years.


The atmosphere.


“The workplace atmosphere is what makes this job so enjoyable,” noted Seth. “Everyone I’ve worked with is always friendly, and most importantly I’ve learned so much through my coworker’s experiences and them showing me how to become a better professional in the industry.”


Seth creates energy models for USGBC LEED certified projects. He added that his favorite project to work on was the Phoenix Contact Logistics Center of America which was 122,000 sq. ft. and required large amounts of input and data from his energy model simulations. He was also a part of a project that had a 98% energy savings largely due to his simulations as well.

In addition to being an Energy Modeler, Seth is also our IT Specialist. During this time of social distancing and working remotely, Seth plays an integral part of making sure all employees software is running smoothly and we're able to perform to the standards that makes us a viable company to our clients and business associates while working from home.


In his spare time, Seth enjoys detailing cars, watching motocross and hockey, and doing anything computer technology related.


Seth is a bright and intelligent individual, and we’re glad to be a part of his career journey.   

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