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Total Building Energy Modeling


Gatter & Diehl has been performing Total Building Energy Modeling Systems since 2003. Energy Modeling allows us to model the actual building roof, walls, and windows thermal insulating values, occupancy, equipment heat load, along with the geographic location of the building and the nearest NOAA hour by hour weather data of 8,760 hours from the prior year. Once the building model is created and the weather data is selected, we then input your facility's actual energy commodity fuel types and per unit costs. At this point we then input the various mechanical and electrical systems and initiate the simulations.


For example: how does a geothermal system compare to a Boiler/Fluid Cooler system, or a Rooftop VAV system, or a VRF system? Output comparisons of the modeled systems energy consumption based upon actual building design data provides very useful information from which we calculate ROI, first costs versus operating costs, life cycle analysis, etc. This allows a client to make decisions based upon information of the sciences, as opposed to speculation. Gatter & Diehl has provided energy modeling services for over 200 projects inclusive of Senior Living, Healthcare, Educational, and Hi-end Commercial construction. Our focus on cost effective energy saving solutions is paramount for new builds, renovations, and retrofits.


Gatter & Diehl specializes in applying energy efficient sustainable design, while balancing cost and value with sustainability. USGBC certified staff, ASHRAE certified staff, energy conscious professional engineers, certified energy modelers, and technicians provide excellent experience and resources for your project.

Recently Completed

LEED Energy Modeling Projects

  • Halifax Area High/Middle School

    • LEED Gold​ Certification 

  • Lehighton Area Elementary Center

    • LEED Gold Certification​

  • Lehighton Area Middle School

    • LEED Gold Certification

  • Lehighton Area High School

    • LEED Gold Certification

  • Kennedy Early Childhood Center

    • LEED Silver​ Certification

  • Phoenix Contact USA Logistics Center Of America

    • LEED Platinum Certification

  • Newport Elementary School

    • LEED Gold Certification

  • Bedford Area Middle School

    • LEED Silver Certification

  • Carlisle Area Lamberton Middle School

    • LEED Gold Certification

  • Carlisle Area Wilson Middle School

    • LEED Platinum Certification

  • Tri-Valley Mahantongo Elementary School

    • LEED Gold Certification

  • Tri-Valley Hegins-Hubley Elementary School

    • LEED Gold Certification

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