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Fox Subacute at Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg, PA - 75,000 sq. ft. - $15 Million

Opened in 2008, Fox Subacute located in Mechanicsburg, PA serves as a ventilator care facility for the Tri-State area. This healthcare facility currently has 44 beds with plans for expansion to 56 beds. 


Gatter & Diehl provided engineering services for 12 substantial projects at the facility dating back to 1987 when it was originally called Seidle Memorial Hospital and then Mechanicsburg Family Medical Center. The most recent projects were renovation designs for a new ventilator unit to be implemented into the hospital, as required for approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Gatter & Diehl’s latest design included an HVAC system combined with VAV and PTHP's to enable each space in the area to have independent control and simultaneous heating and cooling.


Supporting power systems design included normal and emergency power and energy efficient lighting systems. Data, voice, video, fire alarm, and access control were also incorporated into the design.

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