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Halifax Area School District

Halifax Area Middle School & High School

Halifax, PA - 159,000 sq. ft. - $20.5 Million


With the original building constructed in 1958 and only three additions added on since, the Halifax Area Middle/High School was in need of an upgrade, having not been updated in over 20 years.


One of the primary focuses of the project was to modernize and convert the facility to a High Performance building. Gatter & Diehl designed a new high efficiency geothermal water source heat pump system to replace the old HVAC system. A new thermal envelope plus the new HVAC and MEP designs assisted in the dramatic reduction of the facility’s overall energy consumption by over 5.1 million KBTU annually. The project also reduces the facility’s water consumption by 30% (est. 217,500 gallons annually).


The project achieved and is certified under USGBC LEED Gold Certification.

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