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St. Anne's Construction Progress of Phase Two of Independent Living Apartments

July 31, 2020

After implementing a 120,000 sq. ft. Independent Living and Community Center in the spring of 2019, St. Anne’s Retirement Community is proceeding with a second phase of independent living apartments to its West Hempfield campus. After the completion of the first phase, our team quickly moved toward this expansion project with a greater knowledge and understanding of the community which assisted us immensely with the new design. 


Much like the first apartment complex, Gatter & Diehl is designing this three-story, 30-apartment facility with a highly advanced and modernized HVAC system that is conditioned to each individual apartment for maximum controllability. Energy efficient LED lighting combined with the latest technology in data, voice, and video provides the residents at St. Anne’s with superior comfortability and security that’s unprecedented throughout the area, making St. Anne’s a unique, affordable, and high quality senior living experience.

Courtesy of Benchmark Construction, check out this video of the construction process taking place now at St. Anne's.

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