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TE Connectivity Campus

Buildings 2800, 2900, 2901, 3101

Middletown, PA - 329,000 sq. ft. - $51.5 Million

TE Connectivity’s campus located along Fulling Mill Road in Middletown, PA had seen its better days. The interior and exterior of the four buildings were extremely antiqued, and so too was the infrastructure that supported its operations.


Gatter & Diehl administered a complete assessment and MEP/FP design services for the project. In addition, Gatter & Diehl worked with TE Connectivity’s engineering department to implement TE’s new high efficiency EMerge standardized plug and play fluorescent DC lighting system. This system uses grid embedded power through the suspended ceiling grid for served lighting at 24v.


Ultimately, state-of-the-art high efficiency improvements were designed into the project renovation with the use of daylight harvesting, water saving fixtures, high efficiency HVAC systems, and energy recovery and integrated Siemens controls.


The project adhered to USGBC criteria for green design and construction, but did not seek formal registration.

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