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Tri-Valley School District

Mahantongo Elementary School 

Klingerstown, PA - 21,000 sq. ft. (MEP) - $3.7 million

The original Mahantongo Elementary School was constructed in 1958. The project renovations were comprised of the existing facility and an addition to modernize the educational environment to provide students with the most optimal learning experience.


Included was a complete replacement of the MEP/FP systems with high efficiency geothermal water source heat pump, while eliminating fuel oil entirely. A new thermal envelope assisted in reduction of the facility's overall energy consumption by over 787,000 KBTU annually, combined with new water-conserving plumbing fixtures which will reduce the facility's water consumption by 68% (101,500 gallons annually).


Gatter & Diehl also assisted the architect in applying for the Alternative & Clean Energy Grant which resulted in an award of $320,000 towards the project. The school was designed under the USGBC LEED program for Gold Certification.

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