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Weatherly Area School District

Elementary School & High School

Weatherly, PA - 165,000 sq. ft. - $8 Million

For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Weatherly Area School District decided to proceed with renovations and alterations to the district’s elementary school and high school buildings. This 165,000 sq. ft. project exemplifies a modernized, educational environment with an emphasis on student safety and MEP enhancements being at the forefront of the project.


Gatter & Diehl’s team of professional engineers designed both schools with state-of-the-art security systems and safety features that included a new intrusion detection system and modifications to the card access system to solve the issue of insecure admittance into the buildings. New and advanced fire alarm systems were implemented throughout each school along with an all new power distribution system to facilitate the development of the renewed infrastructure. 


Superior controllability was key to converting the aging mechanical systems and lighting throughout the entire space. HVAC modernization and energy efficient LED lighting were critical for both the school's administration suites and the high school’s media center and science rooms to ensure comfortability and to optimize the best possible learning experience for the students.

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